Välkommen Applicon som ny Basic Partner

Applicon is a growing Fintech company in the banking and finance sector. During its 23 years, the company has collaborated with several banks, leasing and financial companies in the Nordic region. The 50+ employees have broad experience of banking, finance and business processes, management, system development, implementation of standard systems and adaptation of international banking systems for the Swedish and Nordic markets. Applicon is owned by Icelandic Origo.

Applicon's values come down to four crucial parts: competence, commitment, unpretentiousness, and responsibility. We always strive to create and share new competence and knowledge and find new solutions to the needs and challenges of our clients. We are incredibly committed to our work and our close collaborations with clients and colleagues – always with a positive attitude toward the task ahead. We are unpretentious, show humility and are never afraid to try new things and help each other out whenever needed. Finally, we take responsibility – all the time, all the way.

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