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Sustainability with Christian Boss, Head of SAP Sustainability Engagement

Per Högberg reiterated on the SUGEN Sustainability Initiative and emphasized the goal of establishing a green ledger, which is not supposed to only focus on an SAP solution but should be interoperable. Another major goal of the initiative is to establish common and verifiable Sustainability values, which can be measured. With the power of SUGEN as a non-profit network, this can be made happen.

The SAP’s strategy, which aims to transform organizations into intelligent, sustainable enterprises. Sustainability spans over all end-to-end processes such as lead-to-cash, design-to-operate, source-to-pay and recruit-to-retire.

SAP is executing across three pillars:

  • SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises a flexible commercial offering to address customers’ dedicated sustainability needs

  • Green Line has been mentioned, which means that Sustainability should be embedded into the above-mentioned end-to-end processes.

  • Strong strategic partnerships to facilitate customer adoption and build an ecosystem of 3rd party solutions.

The different SAP Sustainability solutions

  • Sustainability Control Tower, which should help to measure ESG factors, assist strategic decision-making and enable organizations to comply with regulatory reporting.

  • Climate Action is supposed to help organizations reduce their carbon footprint with inbuilt integration capabilities.

  • Circular Economy focuses on eliminating waste, delivering a resilient supply chain and enabling regenerative business models.

  • Social Responsibility works around the social aspects of Sustainability such as overcoming inequality and protecting human rights.

If you are interested in the SUGEN Sustainability Initiative, please contact SAPSA.

Read more about SAP Sustainability on the SAP website: Sustainability Solutions, Software & Services | SAP

Please join our webinar, Infobite, on SAP Sustainability Strategy, which SAPSA hosts together with SAP Sweden. Monday January 23 at 15:00 – 15:45. Registration will open soon.

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