Risk-Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain

New webinar serie from SAP on Risk-Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain.

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SAP Quality Issue Resolution – Solve and prevent quality issues at any step in your supply chain

Today‘s reality shows that defects will occur at almost any step of the supply chain. It can be any defect, for example a defect in production or a defect in a warehouse. Any defect will disturb the process and some defects may even cause a stop of production which might lead to a break of deadlines causing penalties. Thus, it is necessary to track defects down!

Join us in this session to learn how SAP Quality Issue Resolution allows companies to efficiently solve and prevent quality issues in a consistent, transparent and standardized way. SAP Quality Issue Resolution uses the 8D methodology for problem-solving with internal and external stakeholders, enabling collaboration between company, internal and external parties in one central tool.

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