SAP Afternoon Briefing: Business AI & Datasphere

SAP bjuder in till en halvdag i Göteborg med fokus på AI och SAP Datasphere. Missa inte det!

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Empowering Businesses with Applied AI

Are you ready to be part of a transformative event that can shape the future of your business?

Join us for this exclusive gathering on February 8, at CampX by Volvo Group, and explore how applied AI can turn business challenges into opportunities for growth and success. The potential of AI empowers organizations to revolutionize decision-making, streamline operations, and foster innovation.

Join us for a half-day on the benefits of SAP Business AI and SAP Datasphere. Discover the capabilities of SAP Business AI, features, and gain valuable insights into the roadmap leading to the integration of Generative AI into all your SAP Applications.

You will:

  • Understand the impact of AI on decision-making processes, operations, and innovation within organizations.
  • Explore the functionalities of SAP Business AI.
  • Gain insights into the roadmap for integrating Generative AI into business applications.
  • Live demonstrations of SAP Business AI core technology and components of SAP Datasphere.
  • Learn how to strengthen your data ecosystem strategy and how SAP is partnering with other open data (Google, Collibra, Confluent, Databricks) and AI partners to radically simplify your data landscape.
  • Get the opportunity to spend time in 1:1s with our advisors and experts to answer your questions

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