SAP is opening up its Litmos solutions to the SUGEN User Groups

SAP Litmos is a remote employee/partner/customer engagement and learning solution that comes with valuable learning and cooperation assets for remote work. It is a platform for sales, service and leadership training. The offering entails a 3-month free access to SAP Litmos and is valid until end of July 2020, using the code “SUGEN20”.

To help you jumpstart engagement in upskilling your sales and service teams, SAP Litmos is offering FREE 12-week instant access to SAP Litmos Training and built-in content, along with white glove onboarding,

New customers can access training now with code, SUGEN20, through end of July 2020. Start your trial today and provide the code during your onboarding call.

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11 maj 2022

SAPSAnytt i brevlådan

I augusti skickar vi ut vår medlemstidning SAPSAnytt. Vill du ha vårt magasin hem till din brevlåda?
3 maj 2022

Strategidokument från SAP

Ta del av presentationer från SAPSA:s halvårsmöte med SUGEN-nätverket där vi träffat flera av SAP:s områdesansvariga; S/4HANA, hållbarhet och införande.
3 maj 2022

Shared Service Centers for Indirect Tax

New paper from SAP about benefits of Shared Service Centers for Indirect Tax. Localize with SAP solutions for Global Tex Management to Centralize, Automate and Comply.