Mindfulness - the unexpected path to success and well-being

SAPSA together with the SAP Global User Groups Organization invites you to enroll a Mindfulness series to give yourself a break from the fast-paced nature of day-to-day life and heighten your self-awareness.

Join SAP Mindfulness Ambassadors in practice to deepen your self-awareness, practice attention training real-time, and discover ways to integrate self-awareness into your daily routine.

The series of six sessions cover different aspects of mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. After a short 1 hour Introduction to the Mindfulness training program at SAP, the subsequent sessions will focus first on Self-awareness and Self-management, becoming aware of emotions and learning regulating them. In Motivation we become aware of our values and higher purpose while at Empathy we train our abilities in perspective shifting and finally combine all competencies in Leadership, highlighting the key ingredients of successful teams.

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20 januari 2022

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20 januari 2022

SAP Activate

Ta del av Jan Musils presentation för SUGEN. Jan är produktägare för SAP Activate Methodolgy.
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