Magnitude leads the way in application data management with software solutions that enable enterprises to unify fragmented data, deliver actionable insights for critical business decisions, and extend the value of infrastructure investments.

  • Magnitude SourceConnect is available as an SAP solution extension to enable fast, low-cost, low-risk integration of third-party data into SAP’s central finance foundation by streamlining the data integration process.
  • Innowera’s Process Runner reduces ongoing cost and enables SAP users with productivity using Excel and other data sources for all SAP modules.
  • Z Option solutions for SAP finance users reduce the cost of using and implementing SAP by integrating common SAP functions with Excel.
  • Every Angle delivers self-service analytics, providing end-to-end insight, understanding, and transparency across your SAP value chain. The built-in intelligence automatically adapts to each organization’s specific configurations and allows business users to fully understand why activities and processes influence the value chain performance.

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11 maj 2022

SAPSAnytt i brevlådan

I augusti skickar vi ut vår medlemstidning SAPSAnytt. Vill du ha vårt magasin hem till din brevlåda?
3 maj 2022

Strategidokument från SAP

Ta del av presentationer från SAPSA:s halvårsmöte med SUGEN-nätverket där vi träffat flera av SAP:s områdesansvariga; S/4HANA, hållbarhet och införande.
3 maj 2022

Shared Service Centers for Indirect Tax

New paper from SAP about benefits of Shared Service Centers for Indirect Tax. Localize with SAP solutions for Global Tex Management to Centralize, Automate and Comply.