Share your feedback on Roadmap Explorer and SAP Transformation Navigator and make an impact

Two of SAP’s most successful, intuitive customer tools need your feedback to improve its services. SAP offers clear guidance on their journey to run as Intelligent, sustainable, and resilient enterprises. Tools such as the SAP Road Map Explorer and the SAP Transformation Navigator help customers achieve this.  

The interest of customers and SAP partners in both tools have been remarkable – SAP Road Map Explorer has approximately 2 million page-hits and SAP Transformation Navigator has been used to create more than 100,000 individualized product maps to chart the way to an SAP S/4HANA centric landscape based on the customer’s industry, business priorities and important business capabilities for their digital future.  

SAP Road Map Explorer supports this journey by providing all SAP road maps in one place and showing the strategic evolution of SAP’s product portfolio. This creates transparency and allows our customers to better plan their projects.

Now SAP would appreciate your input and feedback to further improve their tools and services for you. You are invited to participate in the SAP Transformation Navigator and SAP Road Map Explorer survey. Your feedback will shape the future of SAP tools. 

Visit the tools now and let your voice be heard:
SAP Transformation Navigator

SAP Road Map Explorer

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