Give feedback on SAP for Me

In Q3 2022, all support features will be transitioned from the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to SAP for Me - the new single-entry point for SAP-support. The team responsible for shaping the  SAP for Me page is interested in customer feedback on the usability.  

Two sessions are planned which enables participants to provide direct feedback and co-create the future experience with SAP for Me:  

• Study 1: Locating important contacts in “SAP for Me”, navigating SAP for Me, monitoring systems in “SAP for Me”  
• Study 2: Troubleshooting a product issue (including searching the knowledge base) and creating a support case/incident in “SAP for Me”. (Please note: the support case creation workflow is a completely new option)  

Interested participants are requested to send a mail directly to with the following details: full name, company name, time zone, list of SAP products important for the attendee.

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