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The Onapsis research labs and the SAP security response team worked together to uncover and mitigate the serious recon vulnerability.

A successful exploit of RECON could give an unauthenticated attacker full access to the affected SAP system. This includes the ability to modify financial records, steal personally identifiable information (PII) from employees, customers and suppliers, corrupt data, delete or modify logs and traces and other actions that put essential business operations, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance at risk.

To learn more about the RECON vulnerability, download the full Onapsis Threat Report here.

Learn more at the Onapsis website

INSTAN RECON tool to scan

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11 maj 2022

SAPSAnytt i brevlådan

I augusti skickar vi ut vår medlemstidning SAPSAnytt. Vill du ha vårt magasin hem till din brevlåda?
3 maj 2022

Strategidokument från SAP

Ta del av presentationer från SAPSA:s halvårsmöte med SUGEN-nätverket där vi träffat flera av SAP:s områdesansvariga; S/4HANA, hållbarhet och införande.
3 maj 2022

Shared Service Centers for Indirect Tax

New paper from SAP about benefits of Shared Service Centers for Indirect Tax. Localize with SAP solutions for Global Tex Management to Centralize, Automate and Comply.