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Vår partner Onapsis bjuder in till två webinar om säkerhet. On demand!

Top 5 Ways To Mitigate SuccessFactors Risk
In this webinar, we will discuss how InfoSec teams often do not have visibility into SuccessFactors resulting in security responsibility often falling on department IT teams, such HR IT, to keep critical HR processes and data protected.
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DevSecOps for SAP S/4HANA Migrations
Join our webinar to learn how to effectively build security, compliance, and quality checks into your SAP application development lifecycle – without burdening your development team.
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17 juni 2022

RISE with SAP Storyboard

Information is all around – this storyboard was created to support our customers along their RISE with SAP journey by curating existing content all in one place.
13 juni 2022

Påverka SAP: nya CEI-projekt öppna till 8 juli

Var med och påverka SAP:s mjukvaruutveckling! 50+ nya projekt öppna till den 8 juli.
13 juni 2022

Glad sommar!

SAPSA:s kansli tar ett extra långt sommarlov och stänger kansliet vecka 27-32.