Webcast on SAP Security

Join this monthly webcast where SAP chooses and highlights the relevant security aspects for SAP customers. This webcast in August is about security-focused Expert Guided Implementation (EGI).

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SAP Security: Security-related Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) offerings to make your life easier

Every month, we choose and highlight the relevant security aspects for SAP customers. In August we will talk about security-focused Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) offerings that can boost your use of ALM platforms, such as SAP Solution Manger, SAP Focused Run, and SAP Cloud ALM.

With the launch of a brand new Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) training offering this summer entitled “Implementing an SAP Security Baseline Dashboard”, this webcast edition will summarize the latest security-related offerings that are available from the SAP Learning Hub hosted by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.
Since the EGIs have been brought up to date, you will get an overview of what the courses contain, who they are relevant to, and how to register for them.

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Victoria Carroll

Senior Support Engineer and Service Developer for Security

Lena is Knowledge Management Manager at Electrolux, certified KCS® Trainer, recognized thought leader & author of the 2016 book ‘Self-Service & Knowledge Success’

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