VårIMPULS Online 2021

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VårIMPULS Online 2021

Presentations in PDF from the event.

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SAPSA Live (30 min): 8.30, 9.30, 10.30

Customer cases. 30-minute-break between each session. Lunch break 11:00 - 13:00.

SAPSA Talk (60 min): 13.00

Live from the Studio at Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg where we meet-and-greet customers and SAP.

SAPSA Meet the Expert (30 min): 14.30, 15.30

Hear about the latest and ask questions to our experts. 30-minute-break between each session.

SAPSA Talk - måndag 19 april, kl. 13.00

IT:s påverkan på miljön – hur ett hållbarhetsarbete inom IT kan se ut och dess resultat

Helena Babelon / Electrolux IT

Följ Electrolux IT från valet av viktiga fokusområden till framgångsfaktorerna för att lyckas.

Scale Sustainable Innovation for Enterprises

Jesper Schleimann / SAP

As Chief Innovation Officer for SAP in EMEA North, Jesper is responsible for driving and scaling purposeful innovation through enablement of strategic programs that span across sustainability to business and digital transformation.

SAPSA Talk - tisdag 20 april, kl. 13.00

Digital Transformation at Volvo Cars

Ritesh Sinha / Director Financial Planning and Strategy at Volvo Cars

SAP Business Platforms at Volvo Cars

Niklas Wahlberg / Product Manager Business Platforms at Volvo Cars

SAP at Volvo Group

Thomas Schierwagen / Senior Manager at Volvo Group

Thomas works for the global vehicle manufacturer Volvo Group (Trucks, Buses, Construction Equipment). He is a senior manager at the internal Volvo SAP Center of Excellence, with about 300 employees globally, and part of the management team.

SAPSA Live - måndag 19 april, kl. 8.30-11.00

Fully automated processes to benefit business

Bo Bærentsen / xSuite

Learn how the global vendor of designer lamps Louis Poulsen has achieved business benefits by successfully implementing digitalized solutions for their processes. Louis Poulsen also achieved business transparency due to the digitalization of their inbound and outbound processes, automating invoice management and linking it all together in a digital archive.

An Integrated Asset Management and Logistics Solution

Kajal Raulo och Pieter De Windt / ENGIE

ENGIE, a French multinational company, is building a Global Business Core Model for Enterprise Asset Management that can be adopted by the various entities worldwide. The session will talk about the foundation template of Integrated logistics solution and Asset Management with Financial core model (Golden Rule). ENGIE will also cover the challenges and gaps in the solution, and how they are being addressed with co-development of IAM solution extensions.

Digitalizing Mill Operations

Tuomas Haimi och Olli Syrjänen / Neomore

Hear how UPM uses SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Fiori solutions to digitalize mill operations inside the gate,
including, scheduling, weighting, quality inspections and goods receipt.

Continuous testing of APIs and interfaces

Pontus Borgström / SKF & Michal Krawczyk / int4 AG

In the world of increased complexity and shorter cycles for integration demands, it’s important that automated testing is a part of a company’s integration strategy. One challenge is to build a strategy around this and therefore the speakers decided to write a book on the strategy and execution of SAP API testing. Together, they will present insights and experiences from both SKF and a combined professional life based on the SAP Press book.

S/4HANA Go Live with System Conversion

Mikko Vepsäläinen och Hanna Törnqvist / Tieto EVRY

Experiences, benefits and lessons learned from two customer cases in retail and manufacturing.

Mastering SAP Testing Complexity without Disruption

Richard Hurst / Tricentis

Hear how one of the Nordic’s leading Oil companies has been able to navigate the challenge of digital transformation in record speed achieving reductions in both cost and risk across the board. We’ll share some of the challenges the organisation faced when starting their innovation journey to S/4HANA, including a complex set of processes and demands for more frequent releases and how they were able to achieve innovation without disruption to their SAP applications.

New Fiori Apps on top of old SAP WM/PM systems

Anne Marie Elgstrøm / AJ Vaccines

The Danish company vaccine company was hampered by belief that compliance and software didn’t match up to modern standards of working. Through optimization and some smart app build on top of their 20-year-old SAP WM/PM system was modernized. Staff are delighted, customer is compliant, and has achieved what they thought was impossible.

Navigate your way through Bose's Finance Transformation Journey

Pieter de Bruijn / European Financial Controller, Bose

Hear how Bose achieved real-time visibility into reconciliations, strengthened process controls and governance, streamlined the monthly close in SAP, and improve data quality and accuracy with standardisation.

Driving energy and TCO savings through SAP Data Archiving

Gavin Wilford / SAP Basis at Dunelm

Rising energy costs are often a hidden component of the move to S/4HANA. Data centres are predicted to use 20% of the world's electricity by 2025. Learn how the UK retailer Dunelm is expanding the benefits of Data Archiving on their SAP ECC by shifting to a modern cloud storage environment.

SAPSA Live - tisdag 20 april, kl. 8.30-11.00

Co-innovation för unika behov med SAP Business Technology Platform

David Glans / Stretch

När unika behov inte kan mötas av existerande lösningar får nya skapas som tillägg till affärssystemet. Se hur ett gemensamt innovationsprojekt hos en ledande franchisekedja lett fram till en helt ny produktkonfigurator för en effektiv säljprocess och kundupplevelse. Lösningen blir en molntjänst byggd på SAP Business Technology Platform, tillgänglig för fler företag.

Drive Sales and Marketing with more accurate data: Customer Cases from Process and Manufacturing

Heidi Ruottinen och Miika Sipilä / Bilot

Learn how customers in the Process and Manufacturing industry, improved their data quality and boosted data and analytics capabilities with hybrid data architecture. How they managed to increase automation and self-service in data management to enable more accurate product selection in the right market at the right time for different customer segments.

The Value of Enterprise Test Automation for SAP and Beyond

Waheed Niaz / Application Owner Test Automation

Learn how Metso Outotec engaged enterprise test automation from Worksoft to reduce testing time and costs, automate 80% of testing and nearly 100% of regression tests and expand test coverage to gain peace of mind for mission critical processes in finance, customer service, warehouse management, sales & distribution and more. Hear how automation enabled the leader in sustainable minerals processing technologies to accelerate the release of new innovations and increase efficiency with the repeatable automation that’s easy to use and maintain.

Enhetlig säljprocess i 14 länder

Jens Landgren / OEM Motor och Jonas Anger / Implema

Hör hur teknikhandelskoncernen OEM skapade en effektiv och enhetlig säljprocess för 500 säljare och sortimentsansvariga i 14 länder. Med SAP ERP i grunden valdes SAP Sales Cloud för att kunna nyttja potentialen av ett helt integrerat system med full mobilitet, dynamiska gränssnitt och möjligheten att hela tiden följa med i SAP:s utveckling av den senaste tekniken. Molnlösningen säkrar att OEM hela tiden följer med i SAP:s utveckling och den senaste tekniken.

S/4HANA konvertering med fabrikstänk – ARRI mot nya Oscars

Magnus Nyberg & Fredrik Lööf / NTT DATA Business Solutions

Hör hur ARRI, innovativ leverantör till filmindustrin, dragit nytta av Conversion Factory och framgångsrikt konverterat till S/4HANA. Det är en väl beprövad och paketerad lösning för konverteringar som är certifierad av SAP. Med över 70 S/4HANA-konverteringar sörjer Conversion Factory för ett väloljat maskineri som håller tid, kostnad och risk nere!

SAP-data till Azure Data Lake

Viktoria Ivarsson / Volvo

Strategiska beslut baserade på data kräver att data är samlat och tillgängligt och anpassningsbart för analyser utifrån aktuella frågeställningar. Volvo berättar om deras Proof of Concept för att göra data från olika SAP-källor tillgängliga i Azure Data Lake med SAP Data Intelligence.

How Volvo Implements Divestitures & Carve Outs in its SAP Landscapes

Sonukrishna Putthan Veedu / Volvo Group

The Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors enters into a strategic alliance within commercial vehicles, which implies us to set up a new SAP IT landscape by carving out / cloning the necessary SAP Systems. Listen to how we have started implementing this divestment along with our vision, solution approaches, time-plan, progress and challenges ahead.

Hur hittar man rätt väg till S/4HANA

Stina Adolfson och Michael Dunn / Deloitte

Nyimplementering, systemkonvertering eller selektiv datatransformation? Var är S/4HANA bäst och var behövs andra applikationer för att möta behov? Vad blir kostnaden? Vilka fördelar kan S/4HANA ge? Den stora frågan hur tar man sig an en sån här stor transformation. I den här presentation delar Deloitte med sig av sina erfarenheter kring resan till S/4HANA och hur de hjälpt Metso Outotec att få ut det mesta av sin transformation.

Business Transformation with Single, Harmonized ERP: S/4HANA


The speaker will present the journey that was taken to reduce process complexities on multiple legacy systems and accelerate the transformation program for a global automotive trading major. The journey covers the tool based assessment and creation of baseline solution template as well as the challenges in the S/4HANA implementation and integration. At the end of the program client saw major improvements on some important business KPIs including  Inventory turn around improvement, faster order to cash cycle & simplified future sales, provisioning, delivery, revenue predictions and forecasts. The presenter will cover “how”.

Meet the Expert - måndag 19 april, kl. 14.30-16.00

Accurate Reporting Without Costly and Constant Maintenance

Dries Horions / Security Weaver

Hear how to use an SOD matrix that dynamically expands so your SAP user access reports are finally accurate without you or your team having to continually update your ruleset or be annoyed by false positives.

Financial Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud

Mark Mrosek och Russell Sadd / Westernacher

Learn and discuss how to do Financial Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). We will share lessons learned from the project at Mitsubishi Power Europe.

Automating the financial close - Driving efficiency throughout the process

Björn Alexanderson och Achint Varia / Winshuttle

Lear about Closing Management, how you could simply automate manual transactions​ and gain increase speed and governance. In other words, do more, faster and with less efforts and increase the quality and your ability to adapt to new business requirements.

Next-generation RPA: Bots on-demand with 90% faster SAP solution development

Elias Levo och Kenneth Tellebo / Digital Workforce

Learn about a next-generation RPA, its implications for SAP automation, why it suited for a S/4HANA migration and how can you cut SAP automation development time by 90%.

Code Security: Get Clean, Stay Clean

Stefan Eckstein / Onapsis

Join our SAP custom code expert for a discussion and demo on how to automate code scanning and transport review to prevent code vulnerabilities and quality issues from degrading security, compliance and performance.

How to digitally and remote run testing and cut-over successful

Carl Åkesson & Yiğit Özkan / Accenture

What is key to a successful remote testing and deployment? The session will speak about key decisions how you structure the work when doing SAP testing and deployment fully remote.

Meet the Expert - tisdag 20 april, kl. 14.30-16.00

Automatiserade affärstransaktioner med sensorer

Mikael Björk / Stretch och Johan Edgren

Med sensorer kan förändringar i lagret följas automatiskt på distans. Se en live demo hur en plattform för IoT från Youmoni sammankopplat med SAP:s affärssystem automatiserar processen och skapar en obemannad försäljningsstation där affärssystemet i realtid har försäljning, återfyllnadsbehov och servicebehov.

En modern applikationsarkitektur baserad på SAP S/4HANA och SAP CAR

Andreas Dykes / Accenture

Detaljhandeln är en bransch i stark förändring. Med utgångspunkt i vår referensarkitektur för detaljhandeln kommer denna session beskriva hur S/4HANA blir hjärtat i ett applikationslandskap med SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) som motor för differentiering och innovation.

Öka försäljningen och få fler nöjda kunder med AI

Peter Alvmo / SAP Customer Experience

Är du nyfiken på hur svenska kunder som Outnorth, Happy Socks och Matsmart idag kan konvertera fler kunder, oftare och till ett högre värde över flera kanaler i stor skala? Hör hur de med hjälp av SAP Upscale Commerce & Emarsys får ett mått på ROI och effekten av all sin marknadsföringsaktivitet.  Med unikt anpassad AI får de förslag på nya personliga strategier för att öka försäljningen, och få fler engagerade och nöjda kunder.

Finansiell transformation för skatt med hjälp av S/4HANA

Andreas Sturesson / Deloitte

Vi orienterar oss i utvecklingen inom skatteområdet och vilka överväganden bolag bör ta i samband med en S/4HANA-transformation. Vi tittar på hur SAP Tax Compliance och Advanced Compliance Reporting hjälper bolagens beredskap för digitaliseringen inom skatt med nya och kommande rapporteringskrav.

Introducing an efficient and robust way of Application development with SAP CAP

Kimmo Dragon & Jere Kelonen / Neomore

SAP Cloud Application Program Model (CAP) provides a modern, cost-effective and future proof approach for solution implementation and maintenance during the whole software life cycle. In this session we will provide a peek to key components and tools included in SAP CAP. In addition, there will be an example case how to utilize the CAP and how an organization can create new solutions in a more efficient way.

Detection and subsequent analysis of unauthorized access to sensitive personal data

Christopher Aschauer / LogPoint

Security logging such as the SAP Security Audit Log often does not provide sufficient details for precise monitoring or subsequent analysis. The configuration and monitoring of other log sources such as the SAP Read Access Log pose major challenges for companies. Learn how LogPoint for SAP masters the configuration of the SAP Read Access Log with a focus on GDPR and offers means for the detection and subsequent analysis of unauthorized access to personal data.

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