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Why aren’t my tests stable? - Test Isolation with the ABAP Unit Framework

A lot of people develop ABAP code. And most of them tested it in some way. In light of agile software engineering becoming the common way of implementing software, automated testing is becoming more and more relevant, especially in the cloud. In this session, I will give an overview of why test isolation is helpful and clarify terms in this area, leading to a quick introduction to the general concept of dependency injection, the core of test isolation.

With the complexity arising from different components implemented by SAP, partners, or customers, this need for isolation is continuously growing. The ABAP Unit Framework is the usual way to go when implementing automated tests for ABAP code, may it be object-oriented software, function modules, CDS, BOPF, or RAP. With this complexity and variety, there are lots of struggles coming with isolation of different aspects; but several tools exist to overcome these challenges as well.

This will be followed by an overview of the current state of tools to help with common isolation challenges, such as isolation from function modules, authorization checks, database contents, and CDS entities. We offer this session due to the increasing importance of test isolation to reduce runtime, improve stability, cover error cases, and simplify error analysis. However, test isolation can be challenging, especially in closely coupled systems with a huge number of dependencies between components.

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