SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting

Den franska (USF) och tyska (DSAG) användarföreningen bjuder in till detta webinar.

European event on SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting

With this event, we would like to raise higher awareness on Group Reporting within our community, share with SAP R&D on our interests or concerns and give users an early view on the application’s concepts and development status.

The event is hosted by DSAG (German) and USF (French) user groups.

Presentations from the event.

S4HANA for Group Reporting 5.5 Migration support functions (FC-GP)

S4HANA for Group Reporting 4.5 Group financial statement review booklet

S4HANA for Group Reporting 3.5 Consolidation engine

S4HANA for Group Reporting 2.5 Data collection

S4HANA for Group Reporting 1.5 Products strategy recap & development update

Questions to SAP & Answers - European event Group reporting 2021 11 25

Link to the recorded presentation
If you do not have the password to the video, please contact SAPSA


Ulrich Schlueter

Head of Product Development for Group Reporting solution

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