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SAP Recipe Development solution, roadmap, Q&A med SAP Solution Management.

SAP Recipe Development solution, roadmap, Q&A

With SAP Recipe Development you can maintain your ingredients, develop recipes and hand over the recipe to manufacturing. This functionality helps you to ensure consistent ingredient data while providing relevant information about substances for recipe formulation, such as raw substance composition.

Join this SAPSA PLM meeting with Manoj Kaippilly, who has spent most of his career working with Process Industry companies helping them to improve their Product Development process utilizing cutting edge solutions. As part of SAP (as PLM/EHS Consultant, Solution Manger, Product Owner) he was involved in guiding Top Tier customers in shaping their Product Development Process. Currently Manoj is working as a Solution Manager for PLM for Process Industry.

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Manoj Kaippilly

Solution Manager - SAP Recipe Development, PLM for Process Industry

Rickard Nordgren

IT Manager, Offer Management and R&D / Sandvik Coromant

SAPSA fokusgruppsledare för PLM

Per Högberg

SAP Digitalization Evangelist, PLM Strategy and Implementation / EY Skye

SAPSA fokusgruppsledare för PLM

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