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SAP Product Lifecycle Costing live demo, roadmap, Q&A with SAP Product Management.

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing live demo, roadmap, Q&A

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing enables to calculate costs and other dimensions for new products or quotations in an early stage of the product lifecycle where design is evolving, and master data is incomplete. The solution enables to quickly identify cost drivers, and to easily simulate and compare alternatives in line with strategic targets. This transparency helps you to identify costs and harness cost-saving potential. You can optimize product quality, drive profit margins, and mitigate future risk to make the most favourable product costing decisions for the entire lifecycle of your products.

Join this SAPSA PLM meeting with Katarzyna Maciak, Global Product Manager SAP Product Lifecycle Costing and Thorsten Mahlenbrei, Pre-Sales Support & Consulting SAP Product Lifecycle Costing.

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Presentation by SAP in pdf


Katarzyna Maciak

Global Product Manager, SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

Thorsten Mahlenbrei

Pre-Sales Support & Consulting, SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

Rickard Nordgren

IT Manager, Offer Management and R&D / Sandvik Coromant

SAPSA fokusgruppsledare för PLM

Per Högberg

SAP Digitalization Evangelist, PLM Strategy and Implementation / EY Skye

SAPSA fokusgruppsledare för PLM

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