Speaker Information

Practical information to you as a speaker at IMPULS Online 2021

We will use the Zoom video conference tool, Zoom Webinar. A session is 30 minutes.

Please keep your intro short. We recommend a 20-25-minute-presentation followed by a 5-10-minute Q&A/discussion. Please prepare seed questions you would like the SAPSA moderator to ask you. It is a hard stop after 30 minutes.

We will open your meeting room 30 minutes in advance for the speakers, to give you the ability to talk to your SAPSA moderator, technician and check that everything works fine for your seminar. This is applicable for both studios and webinars.

Information to Studio Speakers

You have to be on-site at least 30 minutes before your presentation start. If you would like to view the previous speaker in the studio to get familiar with the format, please arrive 70 minutes before your slot. 

Broadcasting Studios in Stockholm

The studio and the other broadcasting rooms are located at Waterfront Congress Centre, level 2 (take the escalator downstairs). The address is Nils Ericsons Plan 4, 111 64 Stockholm.

Broadcasting Studio in Gothenburg

The studio is located at AV1, Hulda Mellgrens gata 2, 421 32 Västra Frölunda

The studio is 1 ½ stairs up. There is a steel door with the sign "AV1 Studios". Enter the waiting, hang up your coat and sit down in the sofa and relax and watch the ongoing studio event live on the screens.

If you have questions please contact Daniel Börjesson at AV1, daniel@av1.se, phone +46 709-271816.

Please upload your presentation in advance to allow more time for preparation in the studio

Please upload your presentation and any video clips here, and please also bring your presentation on a USB stick.

We have physical studio spaces

There are no green screens. We have technicians in the studios to support you, but no make-up artists. Please avoid using tight or busy patterns on your clothing, as they can read strangely on camera.

Studio in Stockholm

Studio in Gothenburg

Information to Online Speakers

  • Please make sure that SAPSA has the name and email to all speakers.
  • Speakers will receive a personal invite that gives access to the closed practice session starting 30 minutes before their schedule session.
  • The link in this invite will have the role of panelist for the zoom webinar. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360000252726-Roles-in-a-webinar
  • These invites will be distributed no later that one day prior to your session and will be sent from email sender: Zoom. The subject line will be: Panelist for xx.
  • Depending on your mailbox preferences, these emails might end up in your “others” inbox or similar, so it might be necessary to look for them there.

Practical review for Online Speakers

When: Thursday, October 28 at 10:00 - 12:00

Where: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88658534199

If you would like to book a 1:1 with a technican during this time, please send a request to SAPSA.

You can also watch the recorded version from our spring event (VårIMPULS) here.

Technical recommendations for Online Speakers

  • Please sit in a quiet area/room with good Internet-connection.
  • Headphones / headset isn’t always necessary, but its a great option to have available.
  • Try to get even light on your face, a window can usually be a great light source.
  • Try to place the camera level with your eyes, (put your laptop on top of some books or boxes).
  • Please turn-off your mobile phone during your presentation.
  • Please respect your time slot – start and end on time

Interested in your own virtual background? Please visit: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Virtual-Background

Seminar tools for Online Speakers

We will use the Zoom tool. For the best experience and functionality, download the Zoom Client for Meetings application at https://zoom.us/download.

If you are unable to download, please use the The Zoom web client which allows joining Zoom meetings and webinars without downloading any plugins or software. However, the web client has limited features and functions best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Chromium Edge. Read more at: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/214629443-Zoom-web-client

Important! Please, let us know beforehand if you will be using the web client as your tool for your session. Please send this info the day before your session to technical team: daniel@av1.se

Zoom Webinars are designed so that the host and any designated panelists can share their video, audio and screen. Webinars allow view-only attendees. They have the ability to interact via Q&A, Chat, and raise hand.

Online speakers' presentations

You present through Share Screen. If you are dependent on Speaker Notes, we recommend that you have these as a copy on paper or a monitor next to you.

Want to learn more about Share Screen in Zoom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MItltFz2Kl4

Use your own Power Point template.

Please speak Swedish, if that is your mother tounge. You can have your slides in English if you prefer that.

Please send PDF-copy of presentation to sapsa@sapsa.se after your session if it can be shared.

SAPSA will not record any sessions, but it is OK if you would like to record it yourself.

Show video clip

You can show video clips in Zoom, but it is not ideal, so we recommend that your seminar does not depend on videos. We would rather you to focus on interaction and an engaging presentation.

If you want to show videos, the new video sharing feature is your best option: 


One detail that isn’t very well documented is that you have to be logged in to the zoom app with a (free) zoom account to use the feature.