Digitize your planning processes with FIORI, S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud

Insights and Customer Case

We believe it is vital to digitize your processes if you want to remain competitive and relevant. But what would such a digitalization look like, what benefits would it bring, and what would we need to do to achieve such a thing? Are there tools that can help companies future-proof their processes and open up new ways of interaction?

Russ and Mark will introduce you to a real-world use case in financial planning where SAP cloud technologies are used to create such new business benefits, whilst at the same time avoiding additional license costs.

Why should you participate in the webinar?

  • Learn how to fully automate your planning processes with the latest SAP cloud technologies
  • Gain insights from a real-world use case at a customer in Switzerland
  • Learn how you can optimize your SAC license landscape

Inbjudan till mötet har skickats ut till användare i fokusgruppen. Har du inte fått inbjudan men skulle vilja delta, vänligen kontakta SAPSA. 

Presentation in pdf: Digitize your planning processes


Se hela agendan



Present customer case study
Proposed architecture

Interplay between FIORI, SAP S/4, Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud  


Benefits of a full end-to-end use case of SAP’s cloud first technologies

Best practices on license optimization


Mark Mrosek

Practice Director Business Planning & Analytics, Westernacher Consulting

Mark is Practice Director Business Planning & Analytics at Westernacher with more than 10 years of experience in finance and analytics across a wide range of industries. He is lately focusing on SAP Analytics Cloud and is currently managing first-time customer implementations across three continents.

Dr. Russell Sadd

Practice Lead DACH Business Planning & Analytics, Westernacher Consulting

Russell is a partner at Westernacher and Senior Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience in analytics, and a long chain of major project implementations behind him. In recent years, he has driven the implementation of cloud-based financial planning solutions that truly leverage the latest SAP in-memory technologies.

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