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Morgonfika med SAPSA Fokusgrupp ALM (Solman)

For most customers Solman has never been the only ALM tool. With Cloud ALM becoming rapidly more mature a migration from SolMan to Cloud ALM will most probably not be done as a Big Bang but parallel usage and a phased adoption approach of specific Cloud ALM features may be the choice for many companies. Also, SAP already today communicates that IT Service Management, i.e. Incident, Problem and Knowledge Management, are not in scope for Cloud ALM and in many cases non-SAP ITSM products are already today in use at many customers (ServiceNow, Jira, Azure DevOps etc). All this means that customers will need to understand how to efficiently achieve integration between their ALM tools.

Todays guest speaker, Malte Klassen from Galileo Group, has extensive experience from both ALM business perspective and IT tool development and integration and will present use cases how such integrations can be achieved by the integration hub Conigma Connect.

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ALM tool chain – Integration examples using Conigma Connect


Malte Klassen

CEO, Galileo Group

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